A lot has been going on, but little has been said (or blogged). I’ve been knitting, weaving, working, gardening, visiting, listening and longing. Need I say more?I’m loving my latest log-cabin blanket or whatever it turns out to be. I bought the yarn on impulse, it was a sale within a sale and I just scooped up the colours they had and then with my sister’s help, came up with this pattern. I’m also finding the cowl-love. I finished my very first and wonder why I never tried these before. Totally makes sense, especially in our cool weather for so much of the year. Beware family and friends, cowls will be coming your way.

I finished “kate“, a weaving project for a friend, which I totally loved and wanted to secretly keep, but she knows how to hunt me down…so I sent it off. Now, I’ve started “kalamata” for my sister, which I’m totally loving and will want to secretly keep, but she will totally hunt me down and divulge all sorts of embarrasing family stories if I don’t hand it over…..so I will send it off when it’s done. But the next project is going to be FOR ME. Hah.

Working. No pretty pictures of that. Just endless typing and typing and deadlines and more typing.

Gardening is something I’m loosely describing here. It’s mainly taking pictures of my garden. I have been known to pull a weed or two and trim this and that. And except for that large area that needs to be planted where the hedge came down, thank you missy for your sage advice there, the yard is pretty much taken care of. So I snap.

Last weekend my mom and sister drove up from Washington for a nice long weekend. The weather couldn’t have been anymore perfect. We had a really nice time just hanging, knitting, watching the Mariners actually sweep the Padres, sit outside, eat, go for walks, drinks. It was fabulous!

Next week, my friend moves to her new house. I think she’ll be just fine, but we all know how stressful changes can be. I think she’s going a little crazy with all the planning and stress and excitement……hah.

And finally on my list, I’m missing my Robin so much. She’s been gone now for just over 3 weeks. She sounds happy and is having fun in her new city, we’ve been able to talk, to email, to instant message, but sometimes I just get this urge to hug her, to be close to her, to look in her big brown eyes and just KNOW that everything is okay. But she’s having the time of her life and I’m so happy for her.

3 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Theresa /t does wool

    you certainly do have a lot going on…it’s hard to fill the void when you’re missing someone…

  2. Teri

    Hi Kate – I just found your blog via “t does wool” and I really love it – please do keep on blogging, as I love to see your knitting projects and especially your weaving adventures. You have wonderful taste and I am sure I will be visiting you often for inspiration!

  3. Beatriz

    I just came across your blog…I really like the blues and browns you are using for the log cabin blanket. They look so gorgeous and rich together. I’ll look forward to seeing more progress pictures of this blanket.


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