Music and Knitting

Well, after fidging around with my blog’s appearance for half the day, and then totally forgetting I had a flute rehearsal until I got the “uh, Katie, did you forget…” phone call, I’m sitting down to update this blog. A new look deserves a new entry.This Sunday I leave for a one-week stint at a music camp. This is my first time attending, after years and years of my fellow flute choir friends telling me I really need to come. It’s not that far from here, about an hour drive from home, and we’ll be staying at a local college in the dorms. Hah. It’s put up or shut up time for me. After a couple of years of seeing my girls depart to the dorms, into shared rooms, shared bathrooms, cafeteria food, we’ll see if I can get by with less complaining.

I have an idea of what camp will be like, but at the same time, no idea of what it will be like. I hear we play alot, like no-free-time alot, but then I’ve also heard that, la-di-da, you can do whatever you want.

So just in case I do have free time or I decide that I don’t want to play anymore, or can’t play anymore because I’m too lame, then I have prepared a couple of knitting projects to work on. I’d be quite happy to sit and listen to others play and knit away! But hopefully, it’ll be a nice balance of both.

So I’m bringing some socks to knit. Easy to throw in my flute bag and knit whenever I feel like it. I’ve had this yarn in my stash for a long time now and up till this week it didn’t know what it wanted to be. I was lost in Ravelry one day and came upon these Twinkleberry socks and fell in love with the pattern. It’s easy enough to memorize and has enough of a pattern to keep it interesting.

So while I was starting this up (I needed to check gauge and needle size before I took off….I didn’t think my hubby would appreciate an emergency call to bring out a different needle size to me), I thought this would look really pretty as a cowl.

I bought this yarn about a month ago. I fell in love with the colours and the soft alpaca, with the idea that it would be a cowl of some sort.

So this is great. Two projects, one pattern to remember. Now, about all that fluting….note to self: remember to pack the lip balm!

Sock yarn: Claudia Hand Painted, fingering weight, 100% merino, in “Sea Dreams”. Needles are 2.50mm, knitpicks circulars.

Cowl yarn: Misti Alpaca, worsted weight, 100% baby alpaca hand dyed, in “Light Green”. Needles are 5.00mm, addi turbo circular.

5 thoughts on “Music and Knitting

  1. i LOVE the fresh new knitter gal!!have fun at camp. sounds fun and nerve-wracking all at once — just like camp when you were little. and yeah, don’t forget the lip balm.

  2. That should be fun. Anytime I have been on a retreat or something of this type which takes me out of my element (that is before moving to Mexico when I'm out of my element almost always…) I feel like we grow & gain something. You will have a great time. Wonder if you will be so busy you might not have time for the socks? Have fun!!

  3. Camp for grown-ups how fun. Hopefully you will be able to get some knitting done in between the music. Love the cowl.

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