A Change in the Weather

Well, with this September comes the feeling that summer is over. Not only that the kids are back to school and back to schedules, but the weather has decidedly turned fallish. I think I’ve said this a lot about the weather this year, but I don’t remember it ever feeling this cool, this early. I need to add on the layers during the day. I’ve got on sweaters and socks and I’m still cold. The extra blanket has found its way back to our bed and the cat, who normally boycotts the upstairs in the hot weather, is now snuggled in close at night.

Walking around the house last weekend, puttering in the garden and doing some little chores, I ran into more than my fair share of spider webs. I hate that feeling, and for the rest of the day I had the heebie-jeebies over it. I guess they’re getting ready for whatever it is spiders do for the winter. Nesting? Webbing? Where do they go when it turns foul? Probably in my house. They say you’re never more than a couple of feet away from a spider and I believe it. As long as they don’t make a web where I want to walk, then make me feel like it’s on me all day.

I have very little knitting progress. I’ve been working on another CIC toddler sweater and after it’s done, I’m sending off a box. I’m anxious to get that off, but the sleeves in the sweater aren’t co-operating. They’re uneven and I’m not sure why. So I’ll have to rip one of them back (I guess the one that looks unnaturally long or short) and redo it. Frustrating. Maybe it’s because I was watching a movie while knitting it that was in subtitles, Lust, Caution. Wow, a very good movie, absolutely gorgeous photography, compelling story, and whoa, lots of s.e.x., but hard to knit and read the subtitles at the same time, and since my Mandarin is a little rusty, heh, I had to watch closely and hence, the knitting came out wonky. Oh well.

Anyway, I should get back to work. Not a very exciting post, but just what’s in my head right now.

The sun has a new angle: that Fall angle.
There was a giant spider web over my head. I saw it after I took this.

4 thoughts on “A Change in the Weather

  1. sheepish one

    really.you may stop bragging now.;)it’s 92˚F here as i type this at 5:17pm. i could wilt if i went outside. all of you bloggers and your fall leaves and baskets o’apples can go jump in a lake, wearing all of your layers and scarves and hats already.

  2. At Home Mommy Knits

    That photo is beautiful! So lush and green. I’m stuck here in the high desert, still hot and dry. Lucky you! 🙂


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