Socktoberfest Time!

October is a great month for colours, cool crisp weather, trips to foreign lands (see below) and socks! I’ve finished off one pair and started right away on the next, with the colours of this yarn perfect for this time of year.

Firstly, I finished the socks for Nancy. These were out of a yarn I got at the Artful Ewe in Washington earlier this year. It’s a great semi-solid, superwash merino. I knit these using the pattern Baby Fern from the book More Sensational Socks by Charlene Schurch. Because the yarn is a bit thicker than fingering weight, I was able to go down to 48 stitches and up to a 2.5 us needle. They really flew off my needles. I need to get some more of this yarn!

These next socks are from the Yarn Pirate, the September booty club offering, “Hard Cider”. I took one look at this yarn and knew I had to cast on right now. This is the Retro Rib by Evelyn Clark from Interweave Knits, Favorite Socks.The yarn is striping perfectly, no big pools of colour, and I’ll do my short-row heel on these to avoid the pools at the instep. That seems to be my heel of choice these days. One of the reasons I’m loving the short-row is, besides the pooling issues, is that it’s so much quicker to do this than the heel flap/heel turn/gusset, and I’m guessing it takes less yarn as well. Not that the amount of yarn here would be an issue. I think I’ve got around 480 yards to play with . There will be no panic of running out of yarn, thankfully.

And lastly, I’m leaving next week to go visit my Robin in Copenhagen. She has a week off of school and I really need to see her after all that we’ve been through this past month. It’s only a 10-hour flight! She’s totally worth it! Besides, think of all the knitting that I can get done on a round trip! I’m giddy thinking about it!

2 thoughts on “Socktoberfest Time!

  1. Have a wonderful trip! So exciting to be off to new places. Great colors for your socks. Look forward to seeing some FO’s when you get back :).

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