Sleepless in Vancouver

Well, that would be sleepless anytime after 3am. I have no problem drifting off at 6pm, 4pm, you name it, but not after 3am. I woke up this morning certain it must be 6ish and damn, it was 3 and I was wide awake. I’m doomed.

This is my jetlag life. When I went to Copenhagen, it took me about half a day to get adjusted to the time change and then Robin and I were off, sightseeing and having fun. Slept like a baby. But now that I’m home and chores and work and the daily drudge face me, I can’t cope.

Okay. Enough whining. Because really, I had the best time visiting my girl, visiting Copenhagen, being in Europe (it’s been coughcough, 31 years since I was on that continent) and just doing something absolutely fun for 8 days.

Copenhagen is such a pretty, bustling city. As soon as I emerged from the metro that took us from the airport to the city square, Kongens Nytorv, it’s apparent that you’re someplace very different. For one thing, the brightly coloured row houses with the orange tiled roofs; the old stately buildings of brick or stone; the bronze statues of Denmark’s kings and officials; the canals; what seems like the whole of Copenhagen’s population riding their bikes. I could have stood in that square for hours, just watching and watching.

Robin was the perfect travel companion; she showed me all the sites that a tourist coming to the city would want to see. She took me to Malmo, across the bridge that was built that linked the two cities, two countries, to Roskilde, to Helsingor. She took me shopping, eating, more siteseeing. But what I valued most from that trip was spending the time with her. It probably sounds very strange, but the best part of the trip was when we would go back to her apartment in the evening, make dinner together, pour a glass of wine or a pot of tea, settle in with our knitting, watch TV shows she had downloaded on her computer (addicted to 30Rock now), and plan our next day’s outings.

It was very hard to leave her. She has two more months of school left and then she’s back home to Vancouver for good. I’m so excited to have her back here, have the kids all together again at Christmas. But I’m afraid these next two months are going to crawl by however, if I don’t get my sleeping schedule back on track! Next trick, drugs (gravol, cold medicine). Is that bad? Don’t tell me.

4 thoughts on “Sleepless in Vancouver

  1. Actually melatonin works for jet lag – you can get it at any health store. My son used to use it – it’s the hormone that we naturally produce when it gets dark to help us sleep – might be better than Gravol! 🙂

  2. Oh no! The whole not sleeping thing is a killer. You should adjust soon though. I know how hard it must have been to leave your girl:( I am right there with you. It is hard to leave them. What a wonderful trip though. Drink herbal tea in the evening. Also I will order warm milk to my room when I travel & that old homey method does work. Zzzzz…

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