A Review

I was pretty surprised when I looked back at what I knit and wove (weaved?) in 2008. I thought it was much less than the previous year, but it seems to me that it’s much more than than I thought.

I love the idea of a new year of knitting and weaving and starting fresh with new projects. I may even go ahead and just get a wheel and start spinning too. Life is short and unpredictable. Don’t delay. But I also want to learn the cello….well, maybe 2010.

I also resolve (but making no promises) to make more blog posts. They can be short and sweet or long and tedious…or short and tedious…like this one is becoming!

I wish lots of good things for everyone in 2009.

5 thoughts on “A Review

  1. Lovely projects! I had to copy you and post a (much smaller) mosaic with my finished products of last year. Happy New Year to you!

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