The Corleone Scarf

What started as an idea to crochet a granny square out of noro, inspired by this incredible creation, quickly morphed into a scarf from a pattern for a bookmark. Confusing? And why the Corleone Scarf? Because I crocheted this baby, past midnight, while hubby and I watched Godfather III ~ a movie neither of us had watched since it came out, probably. I can’t remember.
I finished the last picot edge as the final death scene (and boy was there a plethora of death scenes) ensued on the steps of the opera house in Palermo. Very over the top but in a fun campy way, as if death scenes on the steps of an opera house in Palermo could be anything but.

I love crocheting, but it’s something I do about once a year. Now I remember why. I love the actual process so much that I can’t stop myself. When I made the baby blanket out of sock yarn last year, I dreamt crocheting. I’d wake up and it was the first thing I wanted to do. And now with this scarf, I couldn’t stop myself, couldn’t put it down.
I love this in the noro kureyon. The colour changes are so brilliant with noro. The only complaint I have about this scarf, and it’s probably me, not the pattern, is the first fan looks unfinished, especially compared to the final fan which goes all the way around. I probably read the pattern wrong.

Anyway, I gave the scarf to my daughter who seemed intrigued by its progress. She looks so cute in it…way cuter than moi.
  • 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon in colourway 170
  • Size “H” crochet hook
  • This pattern
And speaking of cute… that Al, wasn’t he a dreamboat back in the day?
hubba hubba

7 thoughts on “The Corleone Scarf

  1. I just stumbled across you via flickr….love, love that scarf. Very new to the hook and would love to do something like this!

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