Queen Anne Lace

So, another crocheted scarf. This pattern is similar but slightly different from the last one I made. It’s also a bit skinnier.

I used the yarn that my sister spun up for me last year. It’s a soft merino silk blend in deep wine colours, subtle variations of colour.

The only complaint I had making this is that the yarn was so silky smooth, I had a hard time holding it. When I crochet, I do it lefthanded and hold the yarn in my right hand. My right hand felt so flumbly and unable to grasp the working yarn that I could only do a few pattern repeats at a time before my hand would cramp up.

But I absolutely love this little scarf. It’s a perfect weight for the coming spring early summer season. Oy, if only I was the perfect weight too!
Pattern is Queen Anne Lace
Yarn is a handspun blend of merino and silk from the Artful Ewe
Crochet Hook size “G” – 4.0mm

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