Just testing the waters here again. It’s been, coughcough, a little while since I’ve blogged. Lots of knitting, weaving, spinning, living has been going on, so I’m not going to catch up. Just continue down the road.

Currently on the needles is a clapotis that I’ve started using Noro Matsuri. This is a cotton/wool blend, cable plied from what I can tell, and gorgeous in colour, as Noro does so well. It’s coming along slowly, but the heatwave hasn’t been very conducive to knitting.

Oh jeez, I just had to check out my Ravelry projects to see what else I’ve got on the go. Not a good sign…..heatwave brain is still in operation.
There’s a pair of basic socks I started, but my sock mojo is still m.i.a. so that will probably languish in a project bag for much longer.
Oh yeah, my crocheted flower tiles purse! I started that with such great guns, and now, sadly that is languishing in a waterford vase of all things. I really thought I’d have that done to take to Hawaii… maybe for our next planned trip to the big island.
Honeycomb vest… I really have let that slide too. Just as I get closer to the finish line, I set it aside. I’m not really sure why, but….huh. I need to pick that up again and finish for the fall.

Amelia sweater I set aside to knit up the February Lady Sweater. That came out fabulous and I can’t wait for cooler temps to wear that. I’ll get Amelia going again, I promise myself.

And last w.i.p. is a log cabin blanket that I started quite awhile ago. I was running out of yarn and set it aside, but did a swap with my sister and have a few more skeins to finish it off. It’ll go into the gift/donation box and wait for just the right person.

What has been my main obsession these days is my spinning wheel. I can’t get enough of it. I’m slowly learning not to overspin, not to break the fibres…etc etc. I’m in constant search of more fibre and have joined a couple of fibre clubs…so I should be swimming in it soon.

I need to weave! I’m thinking one of my first handspun yarns would make a nice weave. I need to get the thought processes going on that project…but heatwave brain has gone into survival mode and it’s all I can do these days to just clean and feed myself and get my work done on time.
That’s it…for now.

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