LaLa’s Simple Shawl

Even though I finished this 4 days ago, it’s taken till now to get outside without it pouring to take a few photos of it. Even now, the colours aren’t exactly true. We need the sun!!

This is one of my favourite patterns to knit.  It’s one of those patterns that you don’t need to think but very sporadically when knitting.   I took this to California at the beginning of December and it was a perfect project to knit while visiting with friends.

Ravelry Link.

10 thoughts on “LaLa’s Simple Shawl

  1. It’s a lovely shawl and the yarn you used looks like perhaps some of your handspun. Nice to know it will remind you of California 😉

    BTW, welcome to your home internet home!

  2. Your new home looks great…I’ve only been reading for a short time, but based on your past entries and your photos on flickr, I’m glad you decided to keep a blog. Your knits are gorgeous and this shawl is no exception!!

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