A happy memory from long ago…. going with my dad to the little bookstore in the Riviera Village in Redondo Beach to buy another “Snoopy” book.  I’ve managed to hold on to most of them and they’ve been read by my kids too.

Today my dad would have been 92.   Wow… that makes me feel old!

Of course, this made me go through some old photos and I found some good ones.

Handsome young sailor man

He loved his boat.  My mom did not.  At all.  I don’t know, maybe it had something to do with him being lost at sea, in heavy fog,  for a couple of days…and needing rescuing.  Oh, he’d probably hate for me to tell that story.  We didn’t know anything about this until a clipping from the newpaper fell out of one of her old books.

And how about this?  Nothing like plonking your girls into the front trunk of your Corvair!  I think this was at some airshow that he loved to take us to.  Dad did have a knack for picking “interesting” cars.   I’ll have to find the photos of his other Corvairs, yes, he had two others if I remember correctly, and then there was that Pinto….

6 thoughts on “Memory

  1. missy

    Yes, he did pick out some pretty interesting cars LOL. Thank you for posting this with the pictures~~ I’m sitting here laughing and a bit teary eyed. I miss him too.

  2. Dee

    Love the photos, my aunt used to drive a Corvair. I remember thinking that was the most wonderful car. Those are wonderful memories. Your father must have been a wonderful man to have 2 such incredibly warm & gifted daughters. Hugs!!

  3. paula

    My Dad would have been 92 this past November as well. and I’m 50. I feel old sometimes. but have a 9 yr old that keeps me young. Poor dear. Love your photos as well. Looks like your dad was pretty wonderful as well (as mine that is–what I remember of him…he died at age 49)


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