Lock Me Up

Seriously.   Somebody needs to lock my ability to dink around with changing themes on this blog.  Maybe I need to be charged for each time I do it….or make me give up my favourite yarns?  File this under: I’m hopeless!

So to distract from my weakness, I’ll  insert a couple of pretty pictures from our hike last weekend… Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver.  It’s hard to believe that after living here for almost 21 years, we have never been to this park.   We’ve been past it on a boat and spied it through telephoto lenses from Spanish Banks.  I’m glad we finally got here because it is gorgeous with a seemingly endless array of trail combinations and vistas.


We hiked the permimeter of the park, a penninsula that jutted out to where Howe Sound and the Burrard Inlet meet.  It takes you through trails with such great names as “Valley of the Giants” and the “Arbutus Trail”, “Seven Sisters Trail and “Lady Fern Path”.   It was fun to try and pick out all the different species of trees…  western red cedar, hemlock, douglas fir and arbutus.

It was about a 2 to 2.5 hour hike, with time spent enjoying the views and having a snack.


juniper point
another great view

After posting my latest socks next to these photos in flickr, I was struck by how the colours all went together, almost like I planned it… but I didn’t.  A happy coincidence.  The pattern with the gentle waves reminds me of the waves on the water, the waves of the branches.


ripple wave socks

The yarn is Alpaca Sox that my kids gave me for Christmas.  The pattern is one I adapted from other patterns, and the needles are 2.5 magic loop.

Okay.  So now back to hiking.  We used this book as a starting off point, but we also checked out the sites online for additional information.  However, the book provided the best information.  Not only a well detailed map, but a written description that aided in deciding if this path was way we wanted to go.


off the beaten path

So now we plan our next adventure.  Not this weekend though.  Gardening is on the menu today and tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Lock Me Up

  1. I remember being in Vancouver as a child. The remarkable beauty of the area remains with me after all these years and all my travels.

    Your socks do remind one of the waves!

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