Socks and Flutes

First the socks.
alpaca sox in the poppy bed

How about these?  Imagine my surprise as I was knitting the second sock to see such a different colour value!  This is just one skein of yarn, not two balls that had different dye-lots.  This is one skein of Alpaca Sox, colourway 1849.  My kids gave this yarn to me for Christmas and I’ve been waiting until the time seemed right to make them.  Now, my timing may not be the best… what with warm spring weather and summer looming, but they’ll get a lot of use by me, if not now, next fall and winter.

These are probably my favourite colours, blue and green.  I love all the different variations of blues and greens, so this is a perfect fit.  I made the pattern that I’ve knit before, a ripple~wave that gives a bit of interest, but not too distracting from the striping effect of the yarn.  After experimenting with different heels, I’ve gone back to my original heel.  Even though the colours pool a bit around the ankle, I’m okay with this because I just like the way it looks and fits.   It just seems more sturdy to me.


Oh, hey...look at the colours here.

I’ve not worn alpaca socks before, so I’m hoping they’re not itchy or uncomfortable.  I have a problem wearing alpaca scarves for that reason.  Maybe feet are exempt.  They certainly feel and look soft and my hand felt fine knitting with it.

The details are here on Ravelry.


Now for the flutes.


everyone sight reading music together

Over the weekend, our flute choir hosted our annual workshop that we do with choirs from Victoria and Seattle.  It turned out to be a perfect venue…we’ve tried a new one each year and each year there’s been problems from not enough space, to an inadequate kitchen (we like to eat our way through, when not fluting), or the most perplexing was the year we had babysitters sit and watch our every move.  It was a senior’s centre and we had two rather bored and not particularly friendly seniors, sitting in a couple of chairs, watching us like hawks and whispering to each other, in case we took off with some teaspoons or a coffee cup, I guess.  It was just weird.  But this year we had a large space, an enormous kitchen, a newly tuned (in fact that morning as we arrived) grand piano, lots of natural light, a large stone fireplace, and best of all, no one watching our every move.  I guess a bunch of flute-playing musicians can seem very suspicious.


seattle flute group performing, complete with contrabass and rain sticks

Lots of music was played, lots of food was consumed and lots of friends to catch up with.

One thought on “Socks and Flutes

  1. I’ve heard of such color changes within a skein but never actually seen it. That’s pretty bizarre! But I still love the color and the pattern…they work well together!

    Nice black and whites of the choir!!

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