and in the end…

Well, this was a great project.  One that I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end.  Even all those ends, all 1157 of them.  A lot of the project was worked on while watching the Olympics and I did think a lot of how all those little circles I was crocheting reminded me of the Olympic rings…only I had far more than 5.  I had 192.  And in the end, it was a good number.  They blocked to the size I was hoping for, 3″ square.  With the border, which did cause me a bit of anxiety, the project came out to 38″ x 54″.  Perfect.

The yarn is KnitPicks Shine, which is cotton and “Modal®  – a natural beech wood fiber”.  I’m not sure if it’s the cotton or the modal, but there is a heaviness to this.  It must be all that beech wood…lol.

I’m very proud of this one.  It’ll be in my family room where we have a big red couch and it being a darkish room, will hopefully be brightened up by all the colourful “flowers” and white borders.

I’m glad to have this one counted as done and that means it’s ready to curl up under.

Pattern is from Lucy at Attic24: Summer Garden Granny Square.

9 thoughts on “and in the end…

  1. I think I told you my mother taught me how to tat, tatt, sp? when I was very young. Now I don’t remember the required tools and these phat old phingers probably could not do it anyway. Really nice colors in the blanket!

  2. Wow—that is a beautiful blanket. I think the edging in red is simply perfect. But 1157 ends to weave in…that made my eye start twitching uncontrollably!

    Thanks so much for your support and comments during the past few weeks of exam stress…I really appreciated each and every one!

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