We’re caught in a trap…

I can’t get out, because I love you too much baby…

I’m talking squares here, here and here (albeit those were circles – woo!! – in squares).

I think I have a problem and I need to bust out of this square business.  Of course, just as I was finishing off the last of the border edging yesterday, daughter Robin, who was home for the weekend, piped up that she would like one for her apartment.

Maybe after that one, I’ll move onto a new motif.

Why do the centers of granny squares go wonky?  Is it just me?  This is the third “giant” granny square I’ve done and they all do the same thing.

The yarn is leftovers that was in one of my bins from making potholders and hotpads.  I’ll confess that I was running out of the wool and did nip over to buy a couple more skeins.  Maybe I’ll make some more potholders with those leftovers and, undoubtedly, I”ll need to buy more to finish those off and then we’re back in the never-ending loop.

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