Accountability Check

It’s raining and I’ve been cold and wanting to curl up under crocheted blankets.  I want to make more blankets and more blankets, but I have to take a realistic look at what I’ve got in the works here and what I’ve got waiting in my queue to knit, so I’m just making myself face reality.  boo.

Photos of the projects, btw, are not mine.

~ Storm Cloud Shawlette ~

by Hanna Breetz

This is almost done, just a few more rows and then I can bind off.

Okay.  Next project that’s on my needles:

~ Instant Gratification Cardi Jacket ~

by Haley Waxburg

I’m almost done with the first sleeve, so once I finish the second one, I’m pretty much done on it.  I’m kind of stalled with this and I don’t know why.

Lest I forget, I have my vacation knitting lined up and waiting.  I’ll be using a cotton yarn for this pattern.

~ Citron ~

by Hillary Smith Callis

I found this pattern in one of my sister’s magazines last weekend when I was down there for the LYS Crawl.  I love the idea of a cowl and vest combo, that it’s attached, and that there is some colourwork to get back into doing.    Not on the needles yet and is a project to wear for the fall, so I should get my act in gear sooner than fall, eh.

~ Ninebark Cowl ~

by Berroco Design Team

The yarn I bought is a different one than called for, but in almost the exact colours.

Okay.  Moving along here, I saw this knit up in my local yarn shop and bought the  same yarn, same colour that they used.  I’ve swatched, which seems to be bang-on, but haven’t started it yet.

~ Pas de Valse ~

by Marnie MacLean

I’m doing this as a vest out of hemp.  dude!

When my sister and I were out shopping last weekend, one of the shops that we visited had this project shawl that I fell in love with.  I’m sure I don’t need another shawl, but that didn’t stop me.

~ Dreams of the Salish Sea ~

Village Yarn and Tea – in memory of Deb Barnes, co-owner of VYT and co-founder of the LYS Tour

So in grabbing this pattern from my bag I saw another project I bought last weekend, oops!  This one was from Apple Yarns in Bellingham.  It’s a crocheted pouch and looks like a fun and quick project.

~ Victorian Treasure Pouch ~

So I have no business buying more yarn to make another crocheted blanket, do I?  This is my whap to my head to keep me “sort of” on the straight and narrow.

Not to mention that I have more weaving to do, more sewing and quilting I’d like to continue with.  I’m also not mentioning that I have 308 projects in my ravelry queue.   Can I have another me or two?

So our Saturday plans are cancelled due to this never-ending rain.  I’ve got a cat laying on my legs, the men are sleeping in and I’m going work on some of this knitting.  ttfn!


edit later on: Storm Cloud is finished and worn yesterday.  We ended up going out, rain or whatever, and had a good time anyway.


Storm Cloud Shawlette in front of the storming outdoors.

…details are in Ravelry.

One thought on “Accountability Check

  1. Rachel

    Looks like your accountability is paying off already! Storm Cloud is so pretty…and I love this photograph of it! Every few months I tend to lay out everything I have on the needles to remind myself I started it for a reason and need to finish it…it certainly helps me as well! Although I never use that as a reason to not buy yarn…only to not cast on more things!

    BTW–I never knew that was a vest with a cowl attached…I always thought they were two separate knitted items. What a unique concept! Looking forward to watching you work on that one!


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