Blanket Weather

You wouldn’t think that June would be such a good month to crochet another blanket, but guess what?  It is!

We’ve had endless rain here.  So much so, that our neighbour is going on a month now to get their new roof on.  It’s mainly been shrouded in tarps till the rain stops for a second, then the little men come scurrying in to pound in a few more tiles, then it starts pouring again.

So I mentioned about starting this granny stripe blanket in my last post.  I couldn’t wait.  I have been working bit by bit on the other projects, but this is my current love and I just can’t stop myself.

I went and bought 17 balls of different colours of a wool/acrylic blend.   I thought at first that I’d do it all completely random, using all the colours.

Well, first of all, my first attempt was way too wide (48″) and I’d have to buy a truckload of more yarn to finish it.  So I ripped it all out and restarted it.  This time I made it less wide (42″) and thought more about the colours.   I also went up in  size on my hook.   So what I decided on was to remove some of the colours (pinks, white, yellow, orange) and maybe set those aside for another blanket, and concentrate on using the blues, purples, greens and reds.  I’m trying to be random; it’s hard and not really in my blood to be so random.  I’m also varying the colour stripes to be one row and two rows.  Just to mix it up a bit more.

So I will have to go buy more yarn, more of these colours, but the end result will be something I think I’ll love more…or maybe my daughters will love deem acceptable (lol) and want for their apartment when they move in together this fall.

Pattern:  Granny Stripes by Attic24

Yarn: Adriafil Mirage, 50/50 wool-acrylic blend, DK weight

Hook: 4.00mm

7 thoughts on “Blanket Weather

  1. Hi found your site via Flickr.Love your blanket !!!!
    Mine is blue, green and neutral,as it’s for my son.I love the lilac and red in yours.

    Don’t you just love how fast this works up.I went up to a 4.5mm hook and it still feels dense.Should make a nice warm blanket :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. OK, I see this in my future too. I love the colors! I think taking out the others was a good idea because this looks so good together. I know what you mean by being random. I have a hard time with that too! We Dolly sisters need order in our universe so good for you that you can do some randomness here ; D

  3. Wish some of that rain would head down our way! Feel sorry for your neighbors, though.

    Yes, let’s all knit blankets this Summer – LOL My yarn arrived today (but it’s all Noro Kureyon). Love your colorful selection but – alas – I can not crochet!

  4. Loving your new color choices! Yeah, we are right there with you…cold and miserably wet spring this year. Normally I’m never happy to be inside rather than doing fieldwork, but this summer, the thought has passed through a few times : ‘Glad I’m not in the field!’.

  5. I know, this weather is just crazy……great for knitting though… youngest is home with the stomach flu……so we are watching movies and knitting.
    Your colours are great.

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