Not Too Random, Random Stripes

I’m still on my crocheted blanket jag and there’s no sign of it dissipating.   I’m just about at the halfway point with my granny stripes blanket, which the girl has deemed acceptable to her, and I’m now putting my thinking cap on for the next one.

This will be using the five colours remaining from the 17 that I purchased originally.  Divide and conquer, I say!  Two blankets instead of one.  Anyway, the girl also liked what I described for this one, so maybe it’ll have a home too.

The colours are white, yellow, orange, pink and hot pink.  Not exactly colours for the shy and faint of heart.  These are BOLD!   Thankfully my girls are not shy and not afraid of colours.   The apartment they will be sharing this fall for their last year of university is white.  All white, and it’s a basement suite with white tile floor.  Think white and cold!  It is this mother’s humble opinion that they need colour.  hah!  And maybe a couple more throw rugs.

So I was thinking about patterns…and decided on the ripple wave, another Attic24 pattern because they’re so great, and colour placements.  I found through reading the forums on Ravelry that there is a such a thing as a “random stripe generator“.  Whoa.

First off, it’s great to see the colours together and if they will work or not.  Then you can say how many rows you’d like, and I said one to four rows were acceptable.   Then you put in how many total rows you’d like generated.  I put in 100 for the first batch, 6o for the second batch and I think 100 wins.   By the way, if you love to play with colour, this is totally addicting.

And then it gives you a list of all the colours and then how many rows to use.  It’s marvelous!

What I do know is I want to use lots of white to break up the large expanses of colour…so I may use more white than in these two samples.  But it’s a great starting off point.

So now it’s just time to get started on this one too…nice to have two such different colour schemes to work on depending on my mood…!  My brain is already thinking of the next one…oh my, and I don’t think I can handle three at a time or….?

5 thoughts on “Not Too Random, Random Stripes

  1. Rachel

    So I have to ask…what’s happening with all your other WIP’s that don’t have the good fortune to be a blanket? 🙂 Of course, I think they can wait because I’m loving all your blankets. I’ve thought recently about delving into crochet for a few patterns but never really considered a blanket. You may be having a ‘bad’ influence on me though…and that random stripe generator?? Oh my.

  2. raineydayknitter

    Whoa! A random stripe generator!! I – need – this!!. I love how you find all of these cool things and then I can copy you : D lol
    This blanket is going to be amazing.

  3. Mr Puffy

    That is a very cool tool!!!! I like the first one you generated. I think that as a sideways scarf would be super beautiful 🙂 Or a blanket for your daughter – LOL

  4. Mr Puffy

    That is a very cool tool! I think the first color combo you generated would make a super beautiful scarf knit sideways….. Then again a modern blanket for a modern apartment will do nicely too – LOL


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