holiday knitting

We leave in a couple of days for a big family vacation (big because everyone is going…from us and our kids, to my sister and her husband, to their goddaughter and her mom) and part of planning a trip is having the crafts ready to go.    Sewing and quilting are out of the running, for obvious reasons, as well weaving and spinning.  So that leaves knitting and crocheting.   I’ve been doing so much crocheting lately, on my granny stripe, granny square, summer flowers, that I think I need a vacation from crocheting.

So knitting…congratulations!  You’re chosen to go for a lovely 10-day holiday!  Last night I started getting my projects ready.  One that I’ve had planned for quite a while now is the Citron and I’m going to be knitting it in this Wolle’s 6-ply cotton.   It has a lonnng slow colour change and I’ve seen other colourways of this yarn knit into the citron and it’s really stunning.  So swatching was done, needle size chosen, the first 12 rows are on the needles, it’s in its own project bag and we’re set.

the one on the left – “landscape”

But.  One project is not enough for 10 days!  What if, in a spurt of knitting, I finish it and am left with nothing?  Well, the two books I’m packing will help, but my hands need something to do other than hoist back the mai tais and margaritas, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

I swatched some socks last night.  Just simple 3×1 ribs in a trekking xxl yarn.  I’m undecided though.  Maybe I’ll take this quiet Sunday morning here and do some rummaging through Ravelry to see what I can come up with.  It has to be easy to pack and not take up too much room, not so complicated that I can’t knit while also chatting, hanging on the beach, having a mai tai.

Better go put on the coffee and settle in.

*la di da di da….*

Well, that didn’t take long…didn’t even get the coffee started yet (part of that is because there is a very large cat settled in on my legs and does not want to budge).   I took a look at my “accountability” checklist, and thought about choosing the hemp Pas de Valse.  Hemp, like cotton, should be good for the tropical climes.  I’ve already swatched and have it ready to start….but.  It’s something I’ll have to actually *think* while knitting on, and it’s a large project.  So that is set aside till I get back…and the Dew Drop Cowl is chosen.  I have lots of handspun that I’ve been meaning to use and now it’s just a matter of picking the right one.  I think I know…or maybe that new laceweight yarn my sister gave me.  Hmmm.

Now, about that cat and that coffee…

3 thoughts on “holiday knitting

  1. Andrea

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation and I look forward to seeing your progress when you return. Don’t you just love ravelry to help out with a little inspiration?

  2. Rachel

    I think you’ve picked some perfect knitting projects to take on your trip…and the colors of that yarn (especially the right skein) are stunning! Have a fabulous, relaxing time with your family!


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