Summer Road Trip

It’s not often that the Mr. and I get to head out of town without any of the kiddies, but now that they’re getting older, independent, less willing to go where we want to go…..adios!

We headed north. Our destination was the town that Warren grew up in, Quesnel, about 400 miles north of Vancouver. It’s the town that his mom was born in, grew up in and lived most of her life in.   It’s the town where his grandparents settled after emigrating from China in the early 1900s.

There’s no family left there, but there are friends and there is the old gold-mining town of Barkerville  (that I’ve never been to) to see.  Heck, as it is, it’s been 22 years since I went to Quesnel. We took our oldest up when she was 3 months old. We travelled by train and it was a beautiful trip, but one I couldn’t really remember that well. It was time for another trip.

The drive up takes you through the Fraser Valley, through the Fraser Canyon, following the mighty Fraser River as it snakes up north. (notice a theme here?)

Hell’s Gate Tunnel, Ferrabee beyond.

You go through many tunnels (seven of them) between Yale and Boston Bar. Then the Fraser heads westerly and we follow the Thompson River and on that we could see many rafters making their way down through the rapids. The Thompson River is a prettier river; it’s bluer than the Fraser.

the Thompson River

rafters on the Thompson River

But then we leave that river too and we’re driving up through the farmlands, ranches, through 100 Mile House and Williams Lake. My favourite little place was Lac La Hache. Just too fun to say. Unfortunately with all the forest fires, it was thick with smoke.

near Williams Lake

We arrived in Quesnel with far less smoke, thankfully, and after being car-bound for 8 hours or so, we got out for a well-needed walk. The downtown core of Quesnel is pretty small, so we were able to walk from the hotel in the centre of town, past the Hoy House, over to the Fraser River, across the wooden bridge, then back to the other side by the park and the old cemetery, and finally back up north past the Lore house.

Old wood bridge crossing the Fraser River

the Quesnel River

Quesnel is situated at the meeting of the Fraser and Quesnel rivers. There’s a wonderful path that follows for 5km along both rivers, crossing over the bridges. If we had more time, it would have been fun to do the whole trail, but as it is , we did a portion of it that ran along the Quesnel River.

Fraser River: a smoky evening sky makes for a pretty sunset

Next entry will be about the Hoy House, the Quesnel Museum and the freaky “Mandy” doll that made my tooth explode.

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