Treading Carefully

the Hoy House

So one of the the things we wanted to do on this little trip to Quesnel was to check out the house that Warren lived in when he was a kid…for about seven years until his family bought their own house a few blocks away.  The “Hoy House” was built by his grandfather, CD Hoy, in 1934 and is sort of an icon in the town.  Warren’s mom lived here with her 9 sisters and two brothers and it stayed in the family until, I think, around the late 70s.  CD owned the block and the house was at one end and his store,  a dry-goods and grocery store, was at the other end.   Now the house is the only thing remaining.  The store was sold and there is now a CIBC bank on the site… there was a nice plaque on the front of the bank …

Since the family sold the house, it’s been a number of interesting establishments: a lawyer’s office, a basket shop, a couple of restaurants.  And with each owner, the place seemed more run down or was saddled with some really awful “improvements” that changed the whole character of the home.

Then we heard that it was bought by a local dentist and his wife, who it turns out is related to Warren’s close buddy in town, and the house has been renovated and looks so nice.

Hoy House, August 2006

Hoy House today

The dentist office occupies the first floor of the house, the second floor is being renovated and the couple will live in that.  I think it’s so great that a family will be living in the house again.

Well, despite my mention in my last post that I would talk about the freaky doll that made my tooth explode, I will not, actually.  I think I’m cursed and there is only one place it could come from.  Mandy.  Quesnel Museum.  Freak doll.  Need I say more?  I will say, however, that my tooth abscessed that afternoon, I had the root canal from hell when I came home, I think my vision is failing fast, and I’m pretty sure I broke my little toe while swimming yesterday.    Yep, I’m convinced that dolls are as creepy as clowns, especially noted haunted dolls.  And I will move on….

Happy thoughts!  I finished a pair of socks!

flame wave socks, from Favorite Socks book

The Ravelry link is here with all the details.   I really love these and I’m considering making a pair of wristwarmers out of this pattern.  I kept trying it on my hand when I was knitting these and I kept thinking these would make great mittens or fingerless gloves or something along that line.

detail of pattern

My crafting mojo has been missing this summer, but my reading mojo has picked up quite nicely.   So I’m very proud of myself for finishing these socks while satisfying my obsession reading all the Harry Potter books this summer.  I’ve forgotten how fun and imaginative these books are.

So I’ll try to stay out of trouble, keep my nose in my book, work, craft a bit and put all thoughts of freaky dolls out of my head.  Oh, maybe I’ll delete her photos from my harddrive.  Ah, hah.  That’s it!

I should say though that the Quesnel Museum was a fascinating place, with bits of nostalgia, including some things from the Hoy Store, a book that had an article written by Warren’s mom, and an exhibit of CD Hoy’s photographs.  We spent a lot of time there looking at everything and enjoying it all…  except for you know who.

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