Granny Stripe Love

Yes, it’s true love.  I finally finished this last night, with cooler weather to allow for a wool blanket to be draped over me while I crocheted the last few rows.  There is nothing about it that I don’t like, except that it’s not mine.  I promised this to my daughters for their apartment this school year.

I’m pretty sure this means that I can make another one, for me.

Ravelry link with all the details about the pattern, the yarn I used and links to other really fabulous blankets made by many talented crocheters.

10 thoughts on “Granny Stripe Love

  1. You definitely need one for yourself! I love the colors in this one ~ but you are so good with colors I’m sure you’ll come up with something that is just perfect for your home.

  2. I’m thinking you should be ‘allowed’ to make one for yourself! It’s beautiful and I’m not surprised the daughters claimed it for themselves. IT will robably take only one more of these beauties showing up on your space and I’ll give in and attempt crochet!

    BTW–been enjoying your Beyond the Horizon blog…love the pics and the quotes!

    • Thank you, Rachel! I promised the next blanket would be theirs and so I guess I should keep my promise…sigh. But the next one is ready to start…and the next…lol

      And thanks for checking out my other site…I didn’t think anyone looked at it! lol

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