There is a harmony in autumn and a luster in its sky. – Percy Shelley

And so with a quick change in the weather, we head into fall.  For a knitter, spinner, weaver, crocheter, is there any better season?  With renewed spirit, the wool projects again emerge from their summer hibernation and take over my thoughts and plans.

This summer was one of few projects and little crafting.  Oh, right, I did make a blanket, but that has now gone to its new home with the girls and is out of sight and out of mind by now.  The blanket, that is.  The girls are ever present, here or not.

The summer months were wonderful.  We had some great trips.  I took up golf again after 23 years, and found I really love being out on a beautiful golf course and that I still can hit the ball, actually even better with the new fangled clubs they make now, and hopefully we can continue golfing this fall with co-operating weather.  But also summer sped by so fast, with huge workloads being sent from the office, all seemingly more rush priority than the last and sometimes no end in sight.  Well, today I’m taking a self-imposed day off after a few weeks of no days off.

So happiness when Mr. Postman rang my doorbell and with a big smile on both our faces, he handed me my box.   And  in this delivery from Knitpicks today brought the next project.  When I saw the latest catalogue that  came in the mail a few weeks ago, as summer was winding down, inspiration came by way of the photo for the wool.  There, nicely stacked, was my colour scheme.  Of course, this is the same colour scheme that I’m drawn to and that seems to dominate my living room.    And naturally, I couldn’t help myself.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to make the granny mandala, which is a big granny circle, but mandala sounds much more exotic, eh?  I thought about hexagons, more squares, stripes, but nope, time for a change.

So today is a start of new projects, finishing up the old ones, getting the music out and practicing with commitment and a determination (and a desire not to be humiliated and embarrassed), seeing the kids settled in school, each starting their last year of an era – the girls, their last year of university, the lad,  his last year of high school, AND celebrating that it’s time to get the wool socks out and ready for wear.

And right now, right this minute, after pressing “publish” and pouring a cup of coffee,  I’m grabbing my hook and enjoying the rest of this afternoon.   Enjoy yours too!

3 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. How lovely! I hope you did enjoy your day off ~ you deserve it.

    I love your color selection. I’ve bought yarn to knit a Lizard Ridge blanket but the colors are too muted and I’m not feeling the love. I want sometime like yours instead 🙂

  2. Beautiful photo! And wow on the color combination for your next blanket. I LOVE that it matches your quilt! I hope you enjoyed every precious minute of your day off!

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