delayed instant gratification

perfect for my celtic pin

I have just a few minutes here till the next rush job for work comes in…so I thought I’d update the blog with my new sweater.  After all, it’s not often that a sweater makes its way off the needles and into my closet, so a momentous occasion deserves a blog update!

I started this early spring to wear early spring.  Okay, so I’m delayed by a couple of seasons, but at least it’s getting back to sweater weather!

This is called “instant gratification cardi-jacket” and it was really quite a simple, easy pattern and is also very gratifying to have done and finished.  That it also fits pretty perfectly is a huge added bonus.  That’s my major fear in sweater knitting, that I’ll spend all that money for the yarn, do all that work, only to have it not fit.  Trying this on obsessively did help in that regard, and I did have to rip and rework the body, but it’s all good.

just noticed the focus is on the stone, not the sweater…ohwell!

The yarn is a nubbly cotton, Mirasol Hap’i.  I used, I think, 5 skeins.  Maybe it was 6.  But no more than that for sure.

My ravelry details listed here.

And now just enough time to make an espresso and wait for the work to be delivered.

edit..still waiting (hurry up! wait!)…. but I wanted to mention my modifications.  I added a garter stitch border to the bottom of the body and the sleeves to keep from curling.  Also, I single-crocheted along the side border, up and around and down, to give a more finished look.

6 thoughts on “delayed instant gratification

  1. i think this sweater looks so great on you! i know what you mean by “fitting right”, i always want to make the size up…just incase.
    you have the best headers 🙂

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