winter sneaks into fall

too soon, it seems, we’ve moved into a world that’s colder and whiter…

and wears crazy hats…

and has arms that need covering…

it’s time for holiday knitting, i do believe.

4 thoughts on “winter sneaks into fall

    1. knittergal Post author

      Hi Claudia…

      Thanks! The knitting is a long twisty cowl I made for my daughter. I gave it to her for her birthday, then realized I forgot to take a finished pic of it.

  1. Rachel

    Beautiful pictures! Yes, winter came here with a bang over Thanksgiving week…I wasn’t quite ready for it. A foot and a half of snow and temps down to -10 (F) with windchills at -25(F). It’s warmed up since as I hope it has in your part of the world too!

    That yarn looks so beautiful and soft!


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