the gift of paint

A unique and fun present from my daughter was an outing to Raw Canvas, which is a wine bar that you can also paint your masterpiece in.  I’m pretty sure the more the wine flowed, the better the paintings come out.

Inspiration was a bit worrisome, but we let the wine and the paint take over.  The four of us could not have more different paintings and styles…

Robin’s looked (to me) like a landscape as seen from a plane… and she got her money’s worth in paint… very David Hockney landscape with a heavy dab of Van Gogh….

Sarah channeled Jackson Pollock and flung, flicked and splattered away onto her canvas…and onto her poor mom standing opposite her…

Missy was inspired by her recent trip to Turkey and came up with a beautiful, deep, rich painting that looked like it had actual jewels in it…

and then there was mine, which started as stripes and ended as washed colours that made me think of Hawaiian beaches and skies.

So fun to do!

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