eleven for 2011

11 things I’d like to work towards in 2011:

  1. moisturize.  especially in these dry cold wintery months.  this skin isn’t getting any younger.
  2. make.  the christmas ornaments for my kids sometime during the first half of this year, not start thinking about it on December 15th.
  3. travel.  four trips already in the planning and am open to any and all suggestions for more.
  4. weave.  I’ve got this wonderful little loom and tons of yarn …so get it warped up, woman!
  5. walk.  outside or treadmill… just do it.
  6. spin.  I’ve got this wonderful spinning wheel and tons of fibre …so get spinning, woman!
  7. balance.  snack less, move more.  work less, play more.
  8. soups.  everyone loves soup, so make more of it.
  9. read.  ibooks on my ipod touch have me reading more.  starting the year with the LOTR trilogy, next up will be the sherlock holmes series.
  10. garden.  spend more time outside playing with the flowers, photographing flowers.  it’ll be easier since I’m learning to say “no” to work.
  11. image.  be less futzy about having my picture taken.  of the hundreds from our vacation in hawaii – zero are of me.  my kids have to have some kind of record of their mom!

I’m sure there is much more I should have on this list, but at least it’s a start …and egads, just had a look at my dry cracked hands…time for number one!

2 thoughts on “eleven for 2011

  1. raineydayknitter

    Can I just copy this into my life too!! I think you said it all quite well sister, I can’t think of anything else to add to it.

  2. Rachel

    I like your 11 for 2011! I bet if I started this list, I wouldn’t be able to stop at just 11 (which is why I always fail at new years goals…I’m way too ambitious for reality)! Good luck making it all happen this year!


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