scenes from the road

the cholla episode…

As I find time to edit the photos, I’ll be adding them here.  These are from our trip to Palm Desert, and this was a day trip out to Joshua Tree National Park.  This Cholla garden was a highlight and we all really enjoyed seeing so many of these up close.

It’s hard to describe and capture the beauty of this garden.  The way the sun was hitting the cactus, the sharp needles just glowed a soft light green colour.  Multiply that by hundreds and it was a sea of glowing green.

*click on the photos for a larger version…

One thought on “scenes from the road

  1. Rachel

    I went to Joshua Tree about 15 years ago when I came west to visit a friend in Seattle. We drove down to Yosemite and JT and then came back via the coastline. It was an amazing trip and Joshua Tree was so unexpected and beautiful to me. Lovely images!


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