endpaper mitts ~ in progress

I’ve been wanting to get back to colourwork, because it’s been oh, about 20 years since I last did it.  “It” was an adorable cardigan sweater I made for my oldest daughter, who absolutely refused to wear it, as did her younger sister.  That put me right off it and I’m surprised I didn’t chuck the whole knitting thing all together.  But then I was saved by my son who happily wore the dinosaur sweater I made for him, but he passed that phase by about three years old.  Oh, how I wish I had them still and had photos of them.

Anyway.  This isn’t too complicated.  My biggest hurdle is remembering how to hold two colours of yarn at the same time.  After much fumbling, I think I’ve got it down.  My tension, however, is super tight, so I need to either loosen up (glass of wine maybe?) or re-adjust my stitches/needles, etc.

So these are barely wearable on my matronly hands.  They’ll be much better suited for more slender hands, like my daughters’.  But do I dare go there?

Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang.  Here’s the pattern page.

The yarn I’m using is a Phildar Preface in Miel.  The second colour is Trekking XXL in  the dull-named colour “146”.

Cuff needles: 2.00mm magic loop.  Body needles: 3.25mm.

3 thoughts on “endpaper mitts ~ in progress

  1. Very nice work! You know the sweater of which you speak? Well Olivia wouldn’t wear it either so it went to a needy little girl somewhere here in Seattle.

  2. thanks Ellen…thanks Missy! Yes, I remember hearing that even Olivia refused it. I don’t understand! It was cute! It had hearts and checks! Maybe if it had spice girls (our era) or the biebs!

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