the story thus far

the mitten thus far

In pursuit of my continuing obsession, knitting colourful stranded mittens, I spend every spare moment knitting colourful stranded mittens.   I even blew my budget and moratorium on buying new yarn, and instead of buying one ball of mini-mochi, just one as I intended last Friday, I emerged from my lys with numerous (8) balls of a silky alpaca to make a couple of pairs of fiddlehead mittens.  Oh!  The colours were so enticing and the yarn was so incredibly soft and the sample mitten fit like a …glove…heh.  And this was all so easily justified in my head with the soothing  thought that maybe…just maybe….I’ll have my xmas knitting done WELL before the deadline day.  I’m so gullible.  I’ll believe anything I tell myself.

But before I embark on the fiddleheads though, I’m knitting up a pair of fair isle mittens that’s a free pattern on the mini mochi site.  There is also a hat that I’ll probably have to make too.

Now, here’s the thing.  With just about everything I knit, I have to restart the project at least twice and usually third time’s the charm.  So (1) I started these; it went well enough, but they’re too small.  I ripped out the two-colour ribbed cuff, which really is a damn pain to do, cast on the next size (2) and re-knit the damn cuff.   I love the two-colour stranding, but I apparently despise it when it’s k2, p2.   Despite my whining and heavy sighing, I got through that quickly enough and we went to town.

Until I came to the startling realization that I don’t have two thumbs on my hand!  Really!  For some hair-brained reason, I started knitting the thumb gusset on both sides of the mitten (and no, I wasn’t listening to Joni).  Thankfully, before I got toooo far, I took a good look at my hand and said “huh”.   I also said a few bad words, not unlike these (which is really the most incredibly perfect statement, presented so perfectly, for when things are not looking so great), and ripped back, back, back.  bleah.

So onward we marched back up (2.5) the hand until there was a knot.  I hate that.  I expect the yarn’s colour progression to go as planned and when it doesn’t, bad words are said again.  So I ripped back a bit to have the colour change seem not as abrupt, and I’m now I’m trying to overlook the semi-abruptness of it.  I’ll call this start 2.75…not really a full 3.   I can’t face another disappointing 3.  Not with yarn that doesn’t rip so nicely or smoothly and not with trying to figure where in the pattern I am.

Anyway, that’s my story thus far and I’m really hoping for a happy ending.


needles are size 1 and 3

yarn is mini mochi in autumn tapestry and jungle

a nice sunset last night

4 thoughts on “the story thus far

  1. Oh Kathleen! (mother speaking) Well I hope you don’t have to rip back again because I think you should clean up that potty mouth of yours 😀
    The mittens look loverly.

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