a parisian shawlette

It’s so nice when vacation knitting works out to plan.  I cast this on as I was leaving Vancouver and I should have and would have finished it on my return flight/train home if it were not for a formidable security agent at Charles de Gaulle, who repeated “forbidden” over and over, while I looked completely confused and then horrified that I’d have to sit through a 10.5 hour flight with no knitting.

But all is well!  hah!  I unscrewed my KnitPick needles tips from their cord, left them with her, lost not a stitch, squirmed and sighed heavily through the flight, bought some new KnitPick needles from my sister’s LYS  (I was so excited to see that they carried KnitPicks!!) about a nanosecond after we deplaned, screwed them back on the cord, then carried on.

Other than that, it was such a delight to knit on this throughout Paris.  I brought it along with me on our day’s touring and exploring all the different neighbourhoods, and it was perfect to knit a few rows while sipping our beverages of choice, at a sidewalk cafe, watching the Parisian life go by and spending time with my girls.

It was also a good time to secretly devise a plan to convince my husband that he would want to move to Paris with me.  I think I got him on a return visit with moi; maybe the permanent move will require more planning.

The pattern is the Holden Shawlette and the yarn is Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball.  How’s that for a mouthful?  It’s crazy that it was perfect for the pattern, crazy that I didn’t change a single thing about the pattern (rare for me), crazy that I had just about a meter of yarn left over, and crazy that it’s cold enough back home that I could wear a wool shawl in May.  Crazy!

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8 thoughts on “a parisian shawlette

  1. I’ve been trying to decide if I should puchase a KnitPicks needle set and your post has convinced me to do so… happy you could replace your needles! Glad you had a wonderful trip! Looks like our weather should be getting better!

  2. It’s beautiful…and I love that you wove all the memories of the Paris trip into your shawl!

    Despite being told repeatedly that it’s okay to bring needles on a plane, I rarely do for fear that I will meet a security person with a stick up the bum who will insist on taking them away from me. Glad you were able to leave them on the cord and not lose your stitches!

    • Thanks! I probably knew this day was coming, but just wish it didn’t happen for such a long flight! Maybe next time fat wood needles would be better (and cheap ones too!)

  3. That is CRAZY!!! And I must be crazy too because I think I’m going to copy you with my skein of Zauberall 😉 I was going to make socks but now think it’s more suited to a shawl – just like yours!

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