the what ifs

What if?  What if I never got that first email? What if she delayed a day before giving us news on the contract?  What if she waited until after she had her conference call with the powers that be?  Well, I would probably still be working at my job and probably pretty damn happy with a raise.  But….

Once I read that first email, news of the lost contract, I started making plans.  Plans to get my house/life/body back in shape.  Plans to travel without a second thought of work.  Plans to cook!  Oh, and what about a little vegetable garden?  That pile of roving I want to spin.  The pile of fabric squares that I wanted to sew into a quilt….hiking, swimming again, the happy support of my husband to finally get a happy wife back, the teasing my kids of me getting into a helicopter and hovering over them – but not really…not my mode of mothering….but instead helping (if they want my help) all my newly graduated kids move onto their next “thing” this summer, time to play the music and have time for friends again….

Yep.  So when that second email came, with good news of a renewed contract and a raise, I was already gone in mind, body and spirit.  The thought of continuing on that path was too depressing to even contemplate.  So I made the leap…and now I’m retired!  Starting today!  And best of all, I don’t have a single regret about doing it, so I guess that must have been the right decision.

taking the time to enjoy the flowers

5 thoughts on “the what ifs

  1. Mr. Puffy

    That is such great news!!! Congratulations ~ I’m thrilled for you.

    Isn’t it interesting how once a decision is made the train leaves the station, so to speak – LOL Your heart told you enough was enough. My Dad retired at age 58 and he’s now 82 and he’s never at a loss for things to do from home projects, camping trips, golf, church functions, hunting (I know. Politically incorrect) and enjoying time with my Mom having coffees out, etc. I know you will be as happy as he is ~ and maybe you’ll find your way down to San Clemente!

    1. kate Post author

      Thanks Claudia!

      Your dad sounds like he’s more active than most of us “youngsters”!! Your parents sounds like a real sweet couple!


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