scenes from the garden

Finally….finally!! our weather has turned sunny and warm and, happily, I’ve been out in the garden a lot: weeding, trimming, planting.  I forgot how much I enjoyed it.  When I was working, my trips outside to do some gardening was always in a rush because there would be tons of transcribing work waiting for me to get to.   But now I can spend all day weeding an area of the yard (very satisfying I must say) and if I get tired and need a break, I know I can get back to it later or tomorrow.  No big deal.

Also, it’s been fun to let the boy out and wander around a bit.  He is an indoor cat and around here it really is a necessity.  There are coyotes that have taken more neighbour cats on our little end of the street than I want to think about.  Good, sweet, lovely cats.  Not to mention more bears in the neighbourhood, skunks…  Yep, he’s an indoor cat with supervised outings.

I moved the bird bath over to the patio and under the kitchen window.  Since I’m hardly ever at my desk anymore, I wasn’t enjoying it where it was located, outside the office window.   Also, Rocky has a good view of it when he’s perched in a kitchen chair.

Watch out for bears, dude.

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