dionysus mittens

Stranded mittens, colourful mittens are being made for christmas presents.  I’m really enjoying making these, sort of like a sock project but with more colour, more pattern and less of a risk of wearing out.

in progress

The pattern is very well laid out and it gives the option of doing two different mitten tops or doing fingerless gloves as well.  I’m thinking for the next pair of playing around with the colourwork pattern and make something different, yet with the same construction.  Well, almost the same construction.  I’m not a fan of the icord cast on.  I find it rolls up a lot and I think it will bug me and maybe it will bug people I plan to give them to.  Maybe there’s a secret tip to keeping them flat.   I did block them and put a very heavy cookbook on top of them (Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  It’s really heavy!)  But they still roll a bit.  I’m thinking the next pair will be a 2×2 two colour rib for the cuff, then I can carry on with the program.

the cuff

The pattern is Dionysus Mittens.  The details of my yarn and needles are listed in my Ravelry.  I must say they are incredibly soft and fit my hands really well.  I may have to keep these as my “tester” pair.  hah.