red flag on the 9th

We made a long weekend getaway up to Quesnel, BC this past weekend, with my sister and brother-in-law.  We had a great time golfing, walking around town, visiting old friends, visiting the museum, eating lots of yummy food!  Not too many pictures, but really good memories.

a view towards the town from the pub.

Last year when we went, it was so hot and dry.  It was a record-breaking forest fire season and we were constantly reminded of that by the smoke and the helicopters with their water buckets passing overhead.  This year it was cool, very very wet and so amazingly green.  The only downside was not as much golf as we would have liked and a skeeter population happy to see us.  But when the rains stopped, we’d scamper out and play and it couldn’t have been more fun.  Well, frustrating, as golf is, but when you have low expectations, then whatever!  Have fun!

This was the bridge that linked Quesnel to West Quesnel, built in 1929.  One way.  It must have been kind of perilous crossing it,  especially with those big old cars.  There’s a new bridge now and thankfully, this is just for pedestrians.

crossing the fraser river on the old bridge

We definitely had a great time on the golf course and thanks to Ken, our friend and owner, who treated us as very special guests…and Livy (the dog) who accompanied us on the front 9.  I’ve never seen a dog run around with so much happiness…wish I got a picture of her!

missy making her shot

driving it. but don’t look at me.

and when the rain comes, the sisters knit.

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