clematis mittens

back and front

As I finish off my second pair of stranded mittens, many more are being formulated in my brain, via ravelry.  I went shopping at my lys a few weeks ago and loaded up on some colourful yarns…shibui sock yarn, which is a superwash merino and very soft, to make mittens which are destined to be presents this christmas.  It’s not my usual self to make them so early, but now that I’m “retired”, I’ve got time.

shibui yarns mixed with some of my stash will make for some lovely stranded mittens.

I do find it fascinating and maybe a little bit scary how much time I can spend on ravelry planning, daydreaming, queueing, drooling – lol – over so many great projects and patterns.  Really now, that is an amazing place and makes me wonder how we got by in the “olden days” pre-ravelry.

These latest mittens are a pattern called Clematis by Through the Loops.  It’s perfectly written and easy to understand, even for me.  Hey, I didn’t even have to start these my usual three times (well, maybe two in search of a perfect gauge).  I’m definitely making these again and am anxious to see how they look with totally different colours.

the first mitten. a small oops in the cuff, but I don’t think it’s too noticable.
finished mittens ready for christmas gifting.

Details on the yarn and needles are listed on my project page in ravelry, as well as a link to the pattern and many, many more.  I’ve got my eye on those Kanagawa mittens.

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