reworking it

Many years ago I bought myself a pretty little necklace from an arts and crafts fair in Hawaii.  After wearing it a few times, I decided that it was pretty tight on my neck, and why I bought it like that I’m not sure, and so not surprising, I never wore it.  It’s so pretty, but it made me feel like I was choking…not a good thing.  So I remembered I had a few jewellery tools and decided cut it off its old chain and then a new ring-thing-a-ma-jig put on, and tada! a new pendant I can wear on my favourite silver chain, which, most importantly, doesn’t cut off the circulation to my head.


The finished piece, ready for the chain.  But getting here wasn’t as easy as it would first appear.

Parts all assembled together here…

Cutting off the old chain and putting the new ring on…

It’s kind of hard to pry that thing back together again!  Slippery little buggers…

A little patience and a few swear words…

Oh, got it closed!  Yay!

An extra squeeze on it for safety…

Such a pretty beads!

Ready to put on the chain and… Houston, we have a problem.  Darn chain won’t fit through the ring I put on!

Okay.  I didn’t actually show it, but there were two too small rings put on before I got the right size.  I’m sure there is a lesson to be learned here.  But finally, third time’s the charm.   Got the chain through and a final tightening…

And it’s done!

So there it is.  I know it’s a very very simple thing I did, but when it means that something I really loved that has been in a drawer is now usable, it’s a simple good thing!  As opposed to all those simple bad things!  lol   I now have great plans to try and make a pair of earrings because I’ve searched in vain for a while looking for just the perfect pair, but haven’t found them yet.  I guess I’ll have to take another look through that drawer and see what I can find!

Just a day in the life.

ps…it was also fun to take a series of photos and work with them, but man-o-man it’s time consuming to do!

2 thoughts on “reworking it

  1. Mr. Puffy

    What a great idea!!! I should rummage about in my jewelry box and see what overlooked and unloved treasures are laying about 🙂

    PS Love the new look to your blog ~


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