rambling snippets

I’m in a funk right now.  I’m having a really hard time motivating myself to do anything.  I did get myself to yoga last night, only to feel totally defeated by my abilities compared to the class’ abilities.  Then I dragged myself and my sister-in-law to the pool to get back into swimming this morning, drove through tons of traffic only to find the pool closed for renovations.   I’m kind of feeling, what’s the point?

These past few weeks have seen major changes to the young people living in this house and we are now down to one again, although a different one this time.  The oldest is now working full time and living in her own lovely apartment.  The youngest is starting his university years, although about as far away from here as one could be and still remain in the country.  The middle is here, but I know it’s not going to be for long and she would love to move out if only she could afford it right now.   This adjustment of the kids coming and going always throws me off kilter and it’s hard to get used to it.  Hence, my funk.  It’ll pass I know, so maybe I’ll allow a few more days of wallowing.

Despite my funkiness, I did manage to knit myself a pair of socks.   They are my plain-jane recipe and that suited my brain just fine these days.  I do have some more adventurous knitting to start on for presents and I need a kick in the ass  to get moving on it.  Photos of the socks in a second…

But first, these lovely flowers might give me a good kick start…

… and sunsets like this one, taken on the train last week when I went down for a quick visit with my sister, give me a good feeling…

Anyway, here they are (socks, that is).  I bought the yarn in California and knit them in Vancouver and Halifax and flying over this big country.   Here they are in Halifax, enjoying a day on the waterfront…

I’ll wear them soon enough with the change in seasons.

More specifically, the yarn is Pagewood Farm Denali Hand Dyed Sock Yarn and the colourway is Mardi Gras.  It’s a merino/nylon blend.  Needles were 2.5mm magic loop.

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