stream of consciousness

It’s dark and rainy.  I’m up early…  5am wake ups this week.  I know it’s going to bite me in the butt by 4pm, but what can I do?  So as I contemplate that, random things are going through my head…

  • Autumn is really here
  • Although it doesn’t officially start till Friday the 23rd.
  • I can’t remember it ever starting on the 23rd.
  • Isn’t it almost always the 21st or maybe a few seconds before or after?
  • Regardless, the weather has already declared it be autumn.
  • I’m knitting a toque for my son for Christmas.
  • It’s called “Christopher” and is going to be nice and warm.
  • He’s also getting handknit socks for the first time ever.
  • I’m hoping he’ll appreciate them in a cold Nova Scotian winter.
  • They’ll be a nice boylish grey and I promise him no girly accoutrements.
  • I’m knitting this toque using DPNs.
  • I forgot how awkward they are.
  • I’d use magic loop except I can’t find my size 6 or 7 needles.
  • So I ordered some new ones on KnitPicks yesterday.
  • And then I remembered my daughter has a complete set of KnitPicks.
  • I wonder where they are.
  • Probably in that mess of a place called my “craft room”.
  • It’s a glorified storage room right now.
  • I have dreams of it being my craft room again.
  • And my office.
  • I officially want my dining room back as a dining room.
  • Why am I waking up at 5am?
  • Is this a holdover from Halifax?
  • It would be 9am there, but I never sleep till 9am.
  • But it sure would be nice to do that.
  • I think I’m living in the wrong time zone.
  • I think I need more coffee.

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