I guess it’s no surprise to anyone who has seen me knitting lately what the gifts I’m giving this year are going to be.  I’ve become obsessed with knitting mittens…stranded and not. Sure there is a stray toque and pair of socks thrown in the mix, but mittens rule this year.  I just need to decide who is getting which pair.  I had an idea of just putting them in a big basket and letting people dive in and take what they want….or not.  That could get messy!

These fiddleheads are by far the warmest, softest I’ve made to date.  They’re Blue Sky Alpaca – alpaca and silk.  The lining is a brushed suri alpaca.

This set is to be given to the lad, living in a land far, far away.  They should keep him toasty warm when the snow squalls arrive in Nova Scotia!

Handspun socks.  These were a joy to knit because I was able to dip into my stash of handspun…that I could make a pair of socks from 4oz and because they’re pink and green!  Happy colours, no?

So now there is more knitting to be done, more mittens and socks.  I feel like I’m well on schedule with it still being November, albeit only for about…oh, 10 more hours, but still it’s not December yet!

The details of all my projects are in my Ravelry notebook gallery.

6 thoughts on “mittens!

  1. Definitely you need to chose who gets what pair. But no pressure, Mom, it just has to be absolutely fair – LOL I’m liking that fiddlehead pair veeery much myself and I have a kit so now I just need the time 🙂

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