year in review

The crafts.  Let’s start here.  It definitely was a year of the accessory knitting and crocheting.  Lots of mittens, fingerless mitts, socks and toques.  There was lots of crocheting…mostly circles and mostly granny.  There was a little spinning going on and absolutely no weaving.   I know what I want to weave next, I guess I’m just waiting for my craftroom/office space to get finished up and then I’ll have the room for the loom and the warping of it.

So here they all are.  If Mos Def is not to your liking, mute it.  I kind of like it myself.  It makes me want to get up and move!

simmer down now,  simmer down now…

4 thoughts on “year in review

  1. thanks you guys! although I have to put in my disclaimer…this was created by pummelvision, music/double play…. but I will take credit for the crafts!

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