au revoir 2011

A look back at 2011 through a few collages.  I’ve enjoyed chronicling the year in photos, although I didn’t make it every day.  Those days where I had no photo-mojo and thought it a silly idea to do this, they passed and now looking back at the few years I have done this, it makes me very glad I did.  So I will continue for next year, although probably in the same relaxed way I did this year.  I hate pressure.

So no resolutions this year.  I feel very blessed to have great family and friends and… okay, maybe step it up on the treadmill a bit more.  And eat less.   But regardless of resolutions or not, I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2012!


One thought on “au revoir 2011

  1. Rachel

    It looks like you had a pretty fabulous 2011! Every time I see a year chronicled like this through photos, I consider seriously doing a 365 project. I made it 5 months one year but then lost steam…but maybe, just maybe I should reconsider for 2012. I love how you did this…

    Here’s wishing you just as fabulous year in 2012! Looking forward to seeing what you get into this year! 😉


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