going in circles

Well, it’s time to start getting this party started.  We’ve wrapped up 2011, put away the holiday decorations.  We’ve sent kids back to their places.  The treadmilling and swimming has commenced.  But something I’m not sure about, having trouble deciding on, is what to knit next…or maybe it should be crochet?   While cleaning up my kids’ empty rooms today, I think I’ll need to stop and have a serious look at the stash and ravelry.  Mittens?  Socks? Do I try to move onto a sweater?  Another blanket?  Sometimes the choices are so many and I can’t choose.  It’s like going to a restaurant with too big of a menu…  Give me 5 choices and I can make a decision.  Give me every choice under the sun and I just sit here unable to make a decision.  Shoot, I’m turning into my mother.  I think about that every time I get on the treadmill…not her inability to make a decision…well, yes, that, but her committment to exercising and walking on the treadmill or outside every day.  I’m trying to be more like her that way.  We bought the treadmill mainly for her use when she would visit us here.  Then it sat unused for a long time after she passed away.  I dusted it more than I walked on it.  Then I decided this was silly and got on it and started walking.  I walked to dumb daytime tv and thought that was for the birds.  Then I got out my dvds and decided to walk to Mordor with Frodo.  We walked (Frodo and I, and Sam), we threw that ring into the fire, and then we walked to all the special features.  For 80 miles I walked and jogged ( yes, I kept track!) until my back decided it didn’t want to do this anymore and so we rested for the month of December.  And now I’ve lost all the momentum I had going.  My back is still doing odd things, so I’m trying to be slower and more careful about this.  I hate getting old.  Sorry, this has turned into some sort of a stream of consciousness thing.  I do that more and more…and then I forget what the heck I was doing or what the point was, or why I ran upstairs with such purpose, only to stand at the top of the stairs and wonder, “why am I here?”  Oh right, to get on that treadmill!  But  the question remains, what the heck am I going to knit next??

2 thoughts on “going in circles

  1. Rachel

    I would say keep going with a slow, easy routine and it’ll fall back into habit pretty easily…and if you have netflix and can get streaming video…there are some good TV shows you can have for company…

    When I’m in your position with wondering what to knit, I tend to cast on about 6 projects. Normally one stands out as being ‘the one’ and the others sort of fall into place behind it. Besides, it sort of makes me feel giddy the abandon I feel casting on so many projects at once! 😉

  2. Melissa

    We are definitely moms daughters aren’t we. She was very devoted to her walking but I think I’m heading more for her trend to indecision too!! And now you are benched so to speak. Well rest up so we can have fun in PS.


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