hanging around

laying around and reading

So here I am, changing templates again because I’ve got too much time on my hands….  I’m not in the mood for much of anything lately, except goofing around on the computer and baking bread.  This is not good news to my fitness regime, or my arse, or my plans to run a 10k in April.  Damn this foot and damn my clumsiness!

For knitting, I’ve been replenishing my supply of dishcloths and that’s been very satisfying.  I did manage to get myself to Michael’s to get more cotton and I took extra time limping around the store just to enjoy being out.

some for me, some for my daughter

jolly ranchers and knitting

And now our first snowfall is due this weekend.  This does not bode well again for me breaking out of this place!  But at least it will be something different to look at outside my window!

I suppose my foot wouldn’t mind if I dusted these blinds, eh?

7 thoughts on “hanging around

  1. Melissa

    Nice to see you sprucing up your site here, doing a little knitting and watching the dust gather on the blinds. Just remember where we’ll be this time next week!

  2. Mr. Puffy

    Baking Bread, knitting, and hanging out around the house ~ my idea of a perfect day 🙂 Nice template. I’m far to lazy to change mine even though it’s quite dated looking.

  3. Rachel

    I like your new template…I keep thinking of changing mine but haven’t taken the time yet. Oh, I love the sight of a pile of knitted cloths! Hope that you get better soon (though computer loafing, baking bread, and knitting seems perfectly fine to me!).


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