a place to call my own

With five people living in a house, sometimes, over the years, it’s been kind of hard to find a space to claim as mine.  I share a bedroom and bathroom.  The kids all have their own bedrooms (or did when they were all living here).  The kitchen, living room, family room are all shared spaces.  My dining room has been a make-shift office for the last 5 years.

So after lots of planning and lots of doing, I have my space.  This is one of those weird rooms.  It’s on the main floor.  It’s right off the family room.  It has an adjoining bathroom.  It is a dark space and it has a trap door to the dungeon below.  It’s had many incarnations over the years but I have decided to reclaim the space for me and my stuff.  Office stuff…crafty stuff…photo stuff…music stuff… the “gal cave”.

First up was to get the room painted and new carpeting in.  The paint is Benjamin Moore:  Hazy Blue and White Down.

Next was to do some space planning and then heft (well, the mister hefted, I directed) the furniture from the dining room office to my room.

I accidentally let the husband look in this chest of drawers and he was shocked that it was stuffed with yarn…he shouldn’t be that shocked! You should see all the tennis shoes this man collects…and cans of tennis balls….and it’s this mighty stash of yarn that makes him the socks he loves to wear.  And anyway, ah-hem, he has no idea that that is just one of many stash collections.  heh.

And finally the bookcase corner with the obligatory ugly file cabinet.  I tried to distract with my spinning wheel.  This file cabinet is chock-full of music.  I’m the librarian for my flute choir and have tried to manage a gigantic collection of music that keeps getting added to every year.  There are overflow boxes of little used and holiday music in my closet.  It’s a beast!

So that’s my little room.  I still have some organizing to do…office files, old craft supplies that I don’t use anymore…that sort of thing, but at least it’s set up and functioning.  However, my dining room is a complete disaster right now.   If it’s not one thing, it’s another, right?

At least I think I’ve pleased the little hairy one.

6 thoughts on “a place to call my own

  1. Mr. Puffy

    I loved seeing your special space!!! Too funny about your husband’s reaction to the yarn stuffed in the dresser drawers ~ and your comparison to his stash of tennis ball cans ~ women’s logic at it’s best 🙂

  2. Rachel

    I think that women need a space for themselves more than men…and for crafty women, it is even more important. We are looking around for land to eventually build our retirement house and I had two criteria…a ‘decent’ kitchen and my own craft room. Yours is lovely…it feels very peaceful through photos which is how it should be! And love the addition of the cat! 😉


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