practicing with the pancakes

Last weekend I was invited by my sister to the pancake breakfast put on by the Sons of Norway.  Despite not being a son nor Norwegian, she is a member this group.  And they make pancakes, these Norwegians.  Yummy pancakes.  And while she was busy looking after things, I walked around and took pictures.  I’m practicing.  This summer I’m going to a wedding … the son of my best friend, a boy I’ve known since he was about 4 and now unbelievably he’s old enough to be getting married.  So while I’m thankfully not a photographer in any official sense for this wedding, I wanted to take pictures and have them look halfway decent…plus the MOG is expecting me to capture things the OP misses.  Yikes, no pressure here!

Taking pictures of knitting and cups of coffee, cats and flowers is a whole lot different than taking pictures of people…especially people who might be eating, drinking, moving around…gasp, dancing!  So here is a smattering of photos, with some editing.

this little guy was greeting people, wildly waving his flag of Norway.

he kept his eye on me, and I kept my eye on him.

still eyeing me.

he kept his eye on me as well.

he was indifferent towards me.

it was her birthday and she celebrated by filling her cheeks with pancakes!

it was her birthday too and she seemed to enjoy the attention and the pancakes too.

sweet little girl with big blue eyes.

my sister and her friend catching up.

more catching up.

the musicians.

dancing around.

the cooks.


flags. I was happy to see the Canadian flag included.

7 thoughts on “practicing with the pancakes

  1. mrpuffy

    Hey, how come they aren’t eating Abelskivers? LOL

    I love your portrait photos and think you must be a natural behind the camera. BTW the MOG is very lucky to have you on the case!

  2. Shelagh

    The MOG knows how lucky she is, and regularly tells this photographer how spectacularly good she is!

  3. Monica

    This post made my night. You are so funny! BTW- I bet anything that your pictures at the wedding will be as nice (or nicer) than those of the OP.

    You have a new fan in Atlanta. Happy weekend.


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