a place to call her own

Last night we celebrated Robin’s birthday with dinner at a Lebanese restaurant in her new neighbourhood and an Ikea-building party at her new condo.

Having your birthday on St. Paddy’s Day always brings out the green.  Green is good.

a little spring-equinox broom shenanigans

The floor were previously polished concrete…cold and stained a really awful colour of pea soup green.  That green was definitely not good!  She found this wood laminate floor at half price.  It really transformed the place.

after getting the broom to do its magic, Sarah had to make sure the TV viewing from the new sofa was working.

Her auntie and I volunteered to help fix it up with new paint on the walls and cleaning up.   It was exhausting but very satisfying work and it really sparkles now.

Missy is the one who suggested a nice mirror on this wall to reflect the city lights, and she was right. It looks great!

This blanket I made has moved with her many times, and I’m glad to see it’s still fitting in.

Next time I really need to put the wider lens on my camera to get better photos, but these are small snippets of her place.

There is still some work to do and another trip to Ikea to return and purchase is on the menu for today (with her dad…pretty exhausted, I’m sitting this one out), but it’s definitely shaping up into a cozy home for the girl who has the luck of the Irish.

now, make a wish!

4 thoughts on “a place to call her own

  1. Mr. Puffy

    I’m going to wish her much happiness, good companionship, and lots of creative energy in her fabulous space! The mirror and the blanket are just the perfect touches 🙂


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