springtime in chinatown

Having number one daughter living so close to this neighbourhood, we’ve been getting out for more walkabouts and exploring of the area.  Hubby used to spend time down here as a kid and so remembers a lot of what it used to look like and where they liked to eat.  When we came to one of many markets, he said he remembered the smells so well.  It’s always the smells that takes us back in memories, isn’t it?


Vancouver’s Chinatown is one of the largest historic Chinatown’s in North America.  Unfortunately, due to population changes, the area has declined and Richmond, BC has become the new Chinatown.  But it’s great to see so many people out and about on a sunny spring day.

One of the oldest streets is Shanghai Alley.

Shanghai Alley has panel boards listing some of the founding and influential settlers.  Yip Sang is related to the family through the marriage of Warren’s aunt to number 17 son.  I think he was 17.  There were 23 children in all and four wives.  He was an interesting character to say the least!

It’s nice to see restoration for some of the old buildings, including the Wing Sang building.

“come visit again soon!”

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