The spinning is going great. It’s everything else that’s falling apart!  In an effort to clean out my freezer, I garburated (the best word ever!) frozen veggies and fruits.  I guess it was a lot of it, but we have a heavy-duty garburator.  The garburator is fine, but our pipes backed up.  So we (that would be hubby) plunged and poked and took off the traps and still we had blockage.  So we (again, hubby) called the plumber, who came out rather promptly, and hours later got us cleaned out and moving.  Apparently 30 years of kitchen stuff clogged up our drains something fierce.

While this unclogging was going on, horrible sounds were coming out of the kitchen…augers augging, snakes snaking, plumber muttering.  It was enough to drive me over the edge!  So I did what any sane woman would do, I started spinning!  And now I’ve got two lovely bobbins of some unknown fibre spun up and ready to ply.

Then my laptop died.  It’s about seven years old, has already been revived once, so I think this is it.  I’ve already decided it’s on the DNR list.

So what’s next?  I’m afraid to think about it…I’ll go knit instead!  But damn, that freezer looks marvelous!

4 thoughts on “spinnage

  1. Monica

    Is almost Friday, you have a clean refrigerator, “new to you” pipes, and some yarn. So what’s next? I say a shiny new computer that helps you blog, tweet, and ravel at record speed. I’m new to your blog and loving it! Happy knitting.

  2. Rachel

    I should do that to my freezer! Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties…maybe Claudia is right and you’ll be fine now that you’ve had 3! Beautiful hand-spun…

  3. rainyday*knitter

    When the going gets tough the tough get spinning. And you are right…your freezer hasn’t looked this good in years ; )


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