home sweet home

After some beautiful warm, sunny days, we’re back to rain.  Around these parts, when the sun comes out, we all scurry outside and do our weeding and yard work, walks and hikes.   And then when the rain comes again, as it always will around here, it’s on to indoor chores and waiting for it to stop (hah..chores and the rain!)

the tulips are waiting for a sunny day too to open up.


Right now the predominant colour in the garden is pink.  I love pink!


Ye olde birdbath needs a bit of a scrub, but it’s ready for business…

Red clogs and maroon lululemons…that’s how I operate these days.  Mon dieu!



We’re also happy to have our young man back for the summer from university.  He appeared in the baggage claim area all shaggy-haired and scraggly and looking like he needs a good meal.  My job is to fatten him up a bit, make sure he gets to his job interviews and for today and today only, do his laundry.  And won’t he be happy when the sun comes out again and he sees the long list of garden chores we’ve made for him? heehee  Oh, and don’t forget to cut the lawn, kiddo!  Nothing like being home…..eh?

One thought on “home sweet home

  1. rainyday*knitter

    It is so gorgeous right now…green and flowery. Rainy, but that’s the price we pay for beautifulness!


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